Blind Horse Stories

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Duey's Story

I came across Duey while working at a guided trail barn when I was maybe 13. He had been there for a bit already when I met him and I absolutely fell in love the first time I swung my leg over him. He was fast, sure-footed, and confident but he was partially blind and quickly losing the rest of his sight. As Dueys vision deteriorated over the years, there were more and more accidents..

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Sanibel's Story

When my Thoroughbred mare, Sanibel, started losing her vision I didn't know what to do. My once reliable, easy going horse was suddenly becoming unpredictable and unmanageable. She spooked quite easily, becoming difficult to handle. 


In turn out she paced the fence to no end. I looked for advice everywhere but I was in an environment that believed blind horses were dangerous and must be put down. I was unwilling to accept that alternative.



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Major's Story

Major is a 17 year old Tennessee Walker who has passed through a lot of hands in his life. He started as a Big Lick show horse, but after the death of his owner, he was unceremoniously sold to a man that started a chain reaction of sales to people who didn’t understand him.

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Misty's Story

Hello, my name is Ashlen Roush. My husband shown me your Facebook group post. I'd like to share Misty's story.

I've had my first horse, Misty, for almost five years now. Last summer she began to lose her sight in her left eye.

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Rose's Story

My name is Hailey, and I own a blind horse named Rose. Rose suffers from cataracts and has since a very young age. Her very limited vision progressed to being completely blind.