Blind Horse Owner's Stories

Oreo's Story Read more

Oreo's Story

I am Caitlyn Theriault. I saw your post and decided to share my story!

I had my Painted horse, Oreo since he was five for nearly 11 years now. He lost vision in his right eye from uveitis a month before I noticed what happened in 2013.

Fergie's Story Read more

Fergie's Story

I grew up riding sighted horses and exercising a champion barrel racer. I riding around 17 and only when I began helping a blind horse rescue did I start riding again in my 30's, just 7 years ago.

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Guy's Story

I wanted to share our story with you.

My children lost their father in 2016, the next few years were pretty rough so we decided to travel and explore. We found ourselves in Montana for a few months. My daughter wanted to work at a local horse arena and take some riding lessons. We did not own any horses at this time. I had ridden horses when I was younger but that was the extent of that. While we were there I absolutely fell in love with a horse in the back pasture. He was huge and loved the attention that I gave him. He had not been ridden or worked since he went blind about two years before that time. 

Lunita's Story Read more

Lunita's Story

Hi, I wanted to share our story.

Lunita who is my world has gone almost blind with Horner’s Syndrome and Uveitis, Lunita is only 1 of 2 of American Appaloosas in the UK. the rest are just spooty Muggles.

Georgie, Madigan and 3rd blind horse's Stories Read more

Georgie, Madigan and 3rd blind horse's Stories

My heart horse died and I was devastated.   The day after I was trying to distract myself, so I was looking at Facebook and came across an offer of a free blind horse. I knew being free and blind he'd end up in a bad place so I asked my friend to go with me and get him.