Blind Horse Stories

Georgie, Madigan and 3rd blind horse's Stories
Kari Belevender

Georgie, Madigan and 3rd blind horse's Stories

Blind Horse Owner's Story

My heart horse died and I was devastated.   The day after I was trying to distract myself, so I was looking at Facebook and came across an offer of a free blind horse. I knew being free and blind he'd end up in a bad place so I asked my friend to go with me and get him.  That was Georgie, they said they didn't know what happened to him but I believe he had a halter on and caught it on something and it rub on his eyes while he was struggling to get unhooked.   He was a barrel horse and rides and does parades and loves to run. He's a mustang.

 The next blind horse came from Sextons.  My friend that does a lot of rescue through them contacted me to see if I wanted another blind horse because she knew I had Georgie. I asked how much, they wanted $400 I only had $200 and they let me get her so off I went.  She is awesome, rides great is fearless, has become my new parade horse and is just wonderful.  She is appaloosa/standardbred. She lost her eyes to uveitis and cancer.

 Then just recent they posted a blind horse and it's friend at Thompsons.  I offered the blind horse a home if bailed. They wouldn't separate so I have both.  They got bailed and told me they had to be picked up.  Once again off we go!  The third horse is a mare too. Suppose to be a quarter horse.   She seems to be very sweet in the short time I've had her.  She has had a bad accident to her eye, I believe her orbital bone was broke and has calcified into a big bump.  I'm not sure about the other eye but it's bad too.  Blind Horse are special to me.   Everyone thinks they are worthless or can only be pasture pets.  I like to show mine off so people see that that is so untrue.

Georgie, Madigan, 3rd blind horse and Sue Sanford

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