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Guy's Story

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I wanted to share our story with you.

My children lost their father in 2016, the next few years were pretty rough so we decided to travel and explore. We found ourselves in Montana for a few months. My daughter wanted to work at a local horse arena and take some riding lessons. We did not own any horses at this time. I had ridden horses when I was younger but that was the extent of that. While we were there I absolutely fell in love with a horse in the back pasture. He was huge and loved the attention that I gave him. He had not been ridden or worked since he went blind about two years before that time. I had asked the farrier to come out and give him a trim and I rode him a few times in the arena. Then there was a moment when I realized that him allowing me to lope him around and take him out with weeds rubbing up against his legs and uneven ground, That was all because he trusted me! It was at that moment that I knew how special he is. It wasn't until a week later that his owner asked me if I wanted to take him home with me. I had never owned a horse, I had no idea what to do. But I knew that I would be able to love him. So our first ever horse was this big beautiful tank that just happened to be blind.

Once we brought him home we had some trial and errors. We worked out issues with his feed and his fencing. I learned that keeping him stalled up was not necessary for his safety. He enjoys the pasture like any other horse. My daughter and I went and spent a month with an amazing lady named Shelby and her blind and deaf horse Tobias. That was amazing! We experienced and saw so many things. The two of them left a lasting impression on us. Shelby introduced us to Equivisor that protects my fella’s eyes from when he runs into the wall, fence or trees.

Guy has lived a long sighted life of barrel racing and his favorite was pole bending. He loves to work, he thrives to be used like a horse. Since we have had him he has allowed, , I fully believe that he allows us to ride him, us to ride him like a normal sighted horse. We ride him at local shows, trail, halter, showmanship, walk trot, pleasure, barrels, poles, and whatever else we ask of him. I recently took him to Shawnee National Forest in southern Illinois, We rode the trails for about 9 hours that weekend. Rock stairs, up and down, hills, switchbacks, creek crossings, a lot of rocky hills, downed trees. It was a beautiful thing to see and feel. The amount of trust he put in me was out of this world.

I love this horse so much! I only hope that I make him as happy as he has made me. He is 21 now and I hope we get to keep him for several more years.

I can go on and on about Guy he has changed my life in so many ways. Here are some pictures, one is from the trip to Shawnee, and the other is my daughter and Guy at their first 4-H show.

Kaylea Mills and “Guy”

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