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Lunita's Story
Kari Belevender

Lunita's Story

Blind Horse Owner's Story

Hi, I wanted to share our story.

Lunita who is my world has gone almost blind with Horner’s Syndrome and Uveitis, Lunita is only 1 of 2 of American Appaloosas in the UK. the rest are just spooty Muggles. Lunita’s parents were imported from Texas and I bought her at age of 6 as an almost unbacked 6 year old. After about 6 months, I noticed in some things that didn't add up so I had her checked out by a specialist ophthalmic surgeon who confirmed her diagnosis with Horner’s Syndrome and Uveitis. We don’t let this get in our way. We get by and help each other out. We do Endurance ride with barefoot, bitless and her being blind. As for her being blind, she has a very small spot at the front of her eye and she can almost see through. Lunita’s strong Appalossa Gusto personality is a big plus and we ride about 70 kms minimum per week. Lunita lives a very happy and free life in a herd on a barefoot track.

Kind Regards Jen

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