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Misty's Story
Kari Belevender

Misty's Story

Blind Horse Owner's Story

Hello, my name is Ashlen Roush. My husband shown me your Facebook group post. I'd like to share Misty's story.

I've had my first horse, Misty, for almost five years now. Last summer she began to loose her sight in her left eye. It got very swollen to the point where Misty couldn't even open it and it would drip. The vet recommended taking her to Madison to have the eye removed. That is yet to happen.

For the first couple of months, Misty had a really tough time getting around. A few times she would walk into the fence and hurt herself.

Determined to not give up on my girl, I decided to be her eyes and ride her around the pasture, just to see how she would react. Misty was never too crazy about saddles...and neither am I just hopped on bareback (today she shown me that she REALLY doesn't like saddles anymore). I rode her around like I would normally do, and she behaved like she always has. 

So I may not ever be able to take her on trail rides like I've always wanted, but Misty is still my special girl and I will always be her eyes...and she will be my wings.


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