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Oreo's Story
Kari Belevender

Oreo's Story

Blind Horse Owner's Story

I am Caitlyn Theriault. I saw your post and decided to share my story!

I had my Painted horse, Oreo since he was five for nearly 11 years now. He lost vision in his right eye from uveitis a month before I noticed what happened in 2013. The only changes I did was being more mindful of turns to the jumps to ensure Oreo see it beforehand. He was actually very popular with lesson kids and was a excellent jumper at the time.

Five years later, uveitis got to Oreo's left eye and he eventually lost all of his sight last July. That was when it started to get a bit dicey with him as he lost confidence and became unsure in his surrounding but despite it all, he was very calm about it. Unfortunately it meant early retirement from jumping.

Over the past year, it had been a huge learning experience for both of us. Oreo has been my ears in a way because I am deaf so now I became his eyes in exchange and it took a bit of time before we adjusted to it. He is only 16 years old and he doesn't want to retire completely yet so this is only the beginning of something new for us. Now we are going trail riding more and I plans to take him to fun shows sometimes.

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