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Our Story

Our Story

This is my story

I believe every person and every animal has a story to tell.  My name is Kari.  My grandparents had a hobby farm, where we would go trail riding up in the mountains. My grandma would always take me to visit her friends and their animals. I would dream of having horses of my own someday. My dream came true, but not in the way I would have expected.

I met a friend who needed someone to join her for rides, since she had 2 -3 horses and just her to ride them all. I said sure I would love to ride with you, and we became good friends. One day she called me and asked if I could take her horses, since she could no longer take care of them, as her husband had cancer and only a few months to live. I took in her two horses. My husband, Jeff, quickly built a little barn and fence. The horses lived with me for 5 years, until it was their time. They were great “first horses” for me. Their names were HOC and Rose.

I decided to foster for a rescue. Cami was my second foster horse. She was adopted out, but then eventually returned. When she was returned, I jumped at the chance to foster her again. I felt that she came back for a reason..  I did leave one small detail out of our stories. You see, Cami and I each have our own "disability".  I dont feel like we are disabled. Just accommodation is what we need. When I first met Cami, she was not blind. Over the years she has been adopted and returned several times,  Her eye got infected and her eye was removed. When she was returned for the last time, the previous adopter said she was blind in her other eye. I had the vet come and check out her other eye. Vet determined her other eye has glaucoma and said she would be fully blind in a year. She still can see a little bit. Cami loves to run and kick in the air. She runs with the wind and you wouldn’t even know she is blind. As for me, I am just deaf and I live a normal life. I can do anything anyone can do. I just don’t hear in the same way the “hearies” do. I just hear with my eyes.

I met a neighbor who fostered then adopted a horse that is partially blind in one eye. We saw the great need for a rescue for blind horses. We decided to start a sanctuary rescue together. We and the board members decided on the rescue name. Hoc Rose Sanctuary Rescue. Cami has since been transferred.

As of 6/21/20 We have 5 blind horses and each horse has its own personality and story. Each one have taught me so much. We also have a sighted buddy horse "Uno" 

How you can help:

HOC Rose Blind Horse Sanctuary Rescue is a 501( c)3 nonprofit organization. The horses rely on the passion of its volunteers and community donations to sustain their lifestyle.


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