Blind Horse Owner's Stories

Rose's Story
Kari Belevender

Rose's Story

Blind Horse Owner's Story

My name is Hailey, and I own a blind horse named Rose. Rose suffers from cataracts and has since a very young age. Her very limited vision progressed to being completely blind. She still lived a very complete life despite her being blind, as well as having HYPP (a genetic disorder) We have done western pleasure, trail riding, jumping and she is one of the most wonderful horses. The only adjustment is that she knows many vocal cues, to step up and down, to stop on a dime, to jump, and so on. She does need extra time to adjust to new turn outs, or paddocks, but walking her around for a bit helps her immensely. The only things different about her and a sighted horse is that you do not leave things out in the arena when you turn them out! That’s it! She is wonderful horse who has been blind for her whole 15 year life.


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