Oliver is 16 year old quarter horse.  He came to HOC Rose in October 2017.  He was just recently diagnosed with uveitis in one eye and cataract in other eye.  He is broke to ride however since he became blind, he is having a hard time adjusting to being blind. His owner wanted him to be in a safe place where he can enjoy the rest of his life.  Since he has arrived to HOC Rose, We have decided to remove his bad eye because it was bothering him. He is doing much better without it now. We are now focusing on working with him on tie up and ground work manners.






Cami is 8 year old Red Roan Mare. She was transferred to HOC Rose in October 2016.  Cami has had one eye removed and her other eye is blind from glaucoma and can see around 10 percent out of the remaining eye. She completed 90 days of professional training. She has experienced a lot of trauma in her early life. She will be living her life at HOC Rose Sanctuary.






Sunny is 18 year old Appaloosa. She came to HOC Rose in October 2016.  Sunny is blind in both eyes from uveitis, also known as Moon Blindness. She was a little boy's trail horse before she came to HOC Rose. 

Since arriving to HOC Rose, We had to make decision to remove both eyes as they would not stop flaring and was too painful.  She was practically very blind and bumping into everything. It has been 2 years now since we removed her eyes.  She adjusted so quickly because she was really blind before so it made no difference except she is living her life with no pain.  




Sasha is 24 year old Appaloosa.  She came to HOC Rose in June 2017.  Sasha has some lameness in her shoulder and ulcer in one of her eyes. She is a sweet horse once she got settled in.

Since arriving to HOC Rose,  we decided her ulcer eye needs to go per vet advice. She is doing very well without it.  Her personality hasnt changed a bit.  She is one tough sweet gal.







Sabrina is about 20 years old Quarter Pony. She came to HOC Rose in July of 2019.  She was a 4-H horse before her recent owner, the last 10 years she was more of pasture ornament (ridden few times).  She is blind in one eye and her other eye may go blind.  Her hoofs shows sign of founder in the past. She is a very sweet beginner pony.